UPDATE: July 29, 2017

I’m gonna be a grandma sometime around March 11th of 2018!!!

So much is going on right now around here! Even more changes on the way but very exciting ones for sure. I will add more soon so stay tuned! 🙂


My family has experienced a great deal of change. We’ve dealt with it well. However, I still feel a bit over-whelmed by all of it. It seems like I’m still trying to get caught up with all that has occurred. I’m still trying to get rid of some old, unnecessary baggage. I’m trying to reclaim an identity I feel on the inside that doesn’t seem to be reflected on the outside. I’m hoping this blog will help with all of that.

I’ve been trying really hard to listen to what God has spoken over my life and initiate the changes needed to get back on track. I know that I’m supposed to write. I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to write about…I just know that I need to and want to write. I do feel like there’s something on the horizon that will come from here, but I just haven’t figured out what that will look like yet.

January 11, 2016

More to come…

One thought on “About

  1. from one mom to another! Cheers. I’m in California (have been my whole life) and at 46 years old, we’re moving our family (2 kids) out of state to Oregon – huge changes for us too! Completely different – we’ll be facing culture shock. That’s happening middle of August. So, we’ll be able to cheer each other on!


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