Day 6 – 3 Personality Traits I am Proud of

This is going to be another quick post because I am two days behind on my bible study homework and we are meeting tonight…oops! (Not so proud of that…lol.) Also, I’m not going to continue to list the 31 Day blog challenge on each post. It just takes too much time linking everything. So, I’m going to just post away. 🙂

3 Personality Traits I am Proud of

  1. Listening – I’m really great at listening to others without just listening to respond. It doesn’t equate to remembering everything I’m told, but I do listening and try to empathize as best as I can.
  2. Caring – I try to help people when they need it. Sometimes that involves the first trait and other times it requires a little more time and effort. Either way, know that if I’m helping you with something it is because I care about you and want to help.
  3. Creative – I tend to enjoy a problem that needs solving, especially one in which all the normal avenues of resolution have been tried. I like to think outside of the box and sometimes my crazy ideas work out really well.

Well, that’s it for today. No I’m off to get some homework done!!


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