Day 3 – Meaning of My Business Name

Well, today’s prompt was “candle” and that has nothing to do with what I’m writing about today. So, let’s just move on then…

Day 3 – Meaning of My Business Name

The answer to this one comes in two parts. I do actually own a business name or fictitious name as they call it. However, I closed up shop on that earlier this year and created this site which has its own special meaning.

Under the Monkey Tree

When I finished my first degree, Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, I decided to start writing. At that point I had written more than 100,000 words in academic papers and taken a liking to the art. I started by creating a blog called Under the Monkey Tree. It took me forever to come up with the name because so many of my other choices were already taken.

Once I found Under the Monkey Tree available, I really began to like it because it really summed up everything that was going on in my life. Everything I wanted to write about could fit under the umbrella of that name. By the way, monkeys are my favorite animals – especially the chimps and apes. Anyhow, it didn’t matter if I was writing about religion or working on website descriptions and other people’s blogs – it fit under the monkey tree.

Eventually, I started doing some work for World Vision and I had to obtain a business license. During that process I decided to make Under the Monkey Tree official. I already had the domain registered but I needed to register the name in the State of Florida and acquire a tax id.

Shortly after getting that done, we moved out of Florida and my work with World Vision came to an end. Basically, they changed the process and just didn’t need me to do that work anymore. Although I missed it, I was okay because we didn’t have any internet access where we were staying and that made working impossible anyway. Once we got back to Florida, my whole focus and outlook had changed, so I closed the business officially. I still hold the rights to the name for another few years but I don’t know if I’ll do anything with it. I did close down the site so I doubt I’ll ever start it up again but it’s still an option.

Crusty Monkeys

My current site has an interesting origin story. One night, the family was getting ready for dinner and the guys were hanging out and talking in the kitchen. Dylan said something about crusty monks, I don’t remember why but in my head it registered as crusty monkeys. It got me thinking about all of the crap we had been through and how all of that stress had been weighing on me. I started picturing monkeys covered in layers of dirt, dried and crusty gunk, and thought it was kind of a perfect description of how I was feeling. I immediately opened up my laptop and grabbed the site.

Since then I’ve been trying to remove those layers of gunk and find myself again. Not only am I digging through the crusty layers of moving across the country and back, but I’m starting to dig through the crust of growing up in Nokomis – my hometown that I feel little to no connection with. It’s been an interesting process but a good one.

I don’t know if I’ll try to turn Crusty Monkeys into a business or keep it as just a blog. I guess it could potentially fall Under the Monkey Tree umbrella, but I’m not ready to go through all of that yet.

  1. Introduction
  2. 20 Facts About Me
  3. Meaning of My Business Name
  4. Earliest Childhood Memory
  5. My Guilty Pleasure
  6. 3 Personality Traits I am Proud of
  7. 10 Favorite Foods
  8. Old Photo of Me
  9. Piercings and Tattoos?
  10. First Celebrity Crush
  11. Most Proud Moment
  12. If I Won the Lottery…
  13. Favorite Quote
  14. What is in My Handbag?
  15. Timeline of My Day
  16. Dream Job
  17. Favorite Childhood Book
  18. What am I Afraid of?
  19. My Worst Habits
  20. Where I Want to be in 10 Years
  21. Something I Miss
  22. 10 Favorite Songs
  23. Pet Peeves
  24. A Difficult Time in My Life
  25. Best Physical Features
  26. 5 Favorite Blogs
  27. What Makes Me Feel Better, Always
  28. Last Time I Cried
  29. Top Things on My Bucket List
  30. Favorite Comfort Food
  31. Weird Quirk of Mine


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