Three Meanings of Slog

Around this house, we pride ourselves in our extensive use of vocabulary – especially those words that have fallen out of normal, everyday use. Today, the Daily Prompt took me by surprise a bit with the word slog because it’s one of those terms that we don’t use…like ever. I had to look it up just to refresh my memory on its usage and meaning. I came up with three definitions.

The first and second definitions of slog are verbs: “to work hard over a period of time” and to “hit forcefully and typically wild, especially in boxing.” The third form is a noun and it’s a “spell of difficult, tiring work or travelling.” Now I can see why we don’t use the term often…it’s just not a term we would use to describe those kinds of actions or events.

Slogging away over something just doesn’t sound right to me when you say it out loud. There are definitely some things that I work hard at but I don’t feel as if I slog over them…lol. For example, when I was in college, I had a ton of writing to complete but I can’t imagine saying I slogged over any term papers or projects. Okay, maybe over a couple of group projects – those can be the worst experiences of one’s life!!!

I might slog a bug should it be particularly fast or hard to kill. Bug extermination is not quite the same as boxing, but Floridians will understand the slogging of a flying cockroach.

The third definition is probably the one that I can best relate to out of the three. Interestingly enough, today marks two years since we left Florida in an attempt to start anew and the journey out of here could serve as a good example of the word slog. Among other things, we encountered weather problems, car problems, and money problemsĀ on our way out to Washington. It was definitely a spell of difficult, tiring travel that I don’t want to repeat anytime soon. Nonetheless, at the time, we never did call it a slog. We called it many things…but never a slog.

I guess that’s it for today. Thanks for reading…if you slogged your way to the end of this post. šŸ˜‰


Five Minutes Ago

Five minutes ago, your world was in order,

and then it was falling apart.

Five minutes ago, he loved you with every fiber of his being,

and then he ran off with someone else.

Five minutes ago, you were best friends,

then your politics destroyed your trust in each other.

Five minutes ago, everything was going the way you wanted,

and now you’re sitting there completely perplexed.


Five minutes ago, I came up with this simple poem,

and now I’m out of things to say.