My Five Journeys

When I thought about today’s prompt, I found some difficulty thinking about my life as just one single journey. Maybe that’s because there are five major things I’m focusing on right now and each one affects the others yet all of them are equally journeys on their own.

  1. Living – Trying to improve some major areas of my life. There are things I’ve been doing for a long time and I need to quit. There are just as many things that I haven’t been doing that I should be. This of course, would be the main lane of travel on this journey, but it’s more than just existing and moving forward. I need to be specific and intentional and that’s where the next four “journeys” fit in.
  2. Juice Plus – It’s giving me the opportunity to focus my time and energy on what matters most to me – my family. I love the freedom to choose my own hours and still be here when my family needs me. Plus, it is a product that actually does what it says it does – bridging the gap between what I’m eating and what my body needs. I’m also forming some major bonds with my youngest daughter as we make simple changes in how we do life that will lead to healthier versions of ourselves.
  3. World Vision – Ten years with the Child Ambassador Team this November! It is such a blessing to see people here (U.S.), get to connect to people there (in over 100 countries). The fact that I’ve been able to connect more than 80 children to caring and loving sponsors amazes me and inspires me to continue. The things I’ve learned and the places I’ve traveled to make up a huge part of who I am. I know God called me to this and I’m excited to see where else He takes me!
  4. CoastLife – “The best is yet to come!” That phrase is said a lot at my church and for the first time in a long time…I believe it! We are a growing community of believers and I love to serve alongside them to reach more people in our area.
  5. Writing – Trying to get more of this stuff out of my head…lol. I still have so many words stuck in my brain and now that I have the opportunity to work on getting them out, I’m excited to see what makes the cut.

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