Daily Prompt: Purpose

Well isn’t that ironic? Today’s prompt is about purpose.

I did something so stupid last night. Actually this stress-induced stupidity has been a week-long thing. However, I took it to a new level last night. Basically, I’ve slacked off a lot on healthy eating this week. I’ve taken my Juice Plus, no problem, but skipping breakfast and lunch has happened more than once this week. That’s exactly what I did yesterday…then picked up some fast food on the way home from work.

Yes…you could say my body was/is not very pleased with that decision. Here I am, home from work, trying to keep down a slice of bread. It was not a pleasant evening either.

What was/am I thinking? This is the complete opposite of what I’m trying to do and defeats the purpose of why I’m leaving my full-time job to focus on my God-given purpose. I need to feel better, healthier, and more in control of myself. What do I do? I let the stress take over, skip out on the natural energy I need, drink way too much soda, eat some gnarly food – and call it “surviving through the week.”

It’s like I know there’s a better me just dying to get out, but I want to wait until I have everything lined up and ready before I really dig in. What is that? I know I’m not the only one that does this. Studies have shown (don’t ask me which ones because I don’t remember) that a lot of people get so distracted by getting things in the right order to get something done that they actually never get to whatever that thing is and finish it. For example – someone who feels the need to finish laundry, clean the living room, and make out a grocery list before they can concentrate on writing a term paper. (I’ve been known to be guilty of this too!)

Now, there’s a bit of positive in the above example – at least the laundry’s done, the living room is clean, and you’re ready to go shopping. As for me today, the consequences of my distractions are not so pleasant.


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