Exercising Doesn’t Have to Suck

Just a few minutes ago, I posted my exercise for the day on Facebook. Nothing fancy…I just suffered through 20 minutes of Just Dance 3 on the Wii with my girls. The game itself is actually fun. It’s just a bunch of songs and dance moves I know (some I don’t) and I’ve always loved to dance, so it was cool…except the being out of breath part.

It didn’t help that I am ridiculously out of shape right now. I really have quite the sedentary life. I spend 8 hours a day behind a desk and I live in Florida…so going for a walk is only an option at the butt-crack of dawn or in the 90 degree afternoon. Needless to say, I never feel like going for a walk. Add to that my recent bronchial infection and you can see how I might have some difficulties with a dancing game.

Man, are they in trouble when my lungs catch up with my body though! Even in my current state, I managed to pull out a win or two, and that’s way more than I expected. I plan on doing it again tomorrow. 🙂


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