Home Sick…Might As Well Write

Stayed home sick today…my throat is on fire and clogged up with a bunch of I-don’t-want-to-know. I completely skipped out on writing last month, so I guess I should get something on here.

There’s definitely been some good things going on around here. Our financial situation is looking less grim – which is fantastic! We still have some baggage to unpacked but we’re getting close to rebuilding our pitiful credit scores. We had hoped that within a year we would have most of it straightened out, but it took us longer to find my husband a steady job than we thought it would. Most of the creditors are content, but we still have about four of them still waiting on us.

I’ve decided to re-commit to my ministry work with World Vision. I was called to this ten years ago and I’m sure that God’s not done with me yet. I’ve had my heart broken over and over again by the reality that is poverty. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to see World Vision’s work in person. I have an orange army of friends to support me. Plus, I have stacks of letters from the children and families that are counting on me to push through this funk I’ve been in and get back to work. More on that soon!!!

I got a new car – which is extra awesome because this one doesn’t leak when it rains and is not infested with ants. Yay! Plus, it’s orange…BONUS! I absolutely love my car and it represents a year’s worth of planning and patience. We didn’t get the best deal but it will help that pitiful credit score I mentioned above.

Okay, all of that was pretty random but I started this thinking about just getting something posted. Mission accomplished!


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